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Covid-19 Guidelines

My Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

As we prepare to reopen our doors for public worship on July 12th, our Parish Committee to Reopen our Buildings has been working to ensure that we can effectively guard the safety and well-being of our parishioners and guests when gathered for worship. To that end, please read, mark, learn, and inwardly digest the following guidelines and expectations set before us by the State, the Diocese, and our parish leadership, so that we may continue to gather together in prayer and worship.

As we progress, we will continue to monitor State and Diocesan directives and adjust accordingly. Any and all of these parish policies and guidelines are subject to change based on the latest expectations of the State, the Diocese, and the needs of our parish.

Each individual must make decisions regarding participation in public worship based on their own comfort level, taking into account particular personal or family situations. If you feel that you are at high risk of infection or would be placing others at higher risk, please do not feel obligated to attend the Mass in person, but instead plan on attending via the streamed services and speak to me about receiving the Sacrament at home.

Please note: we are restricted to 50 total people in the church building at this time. This may cause an instance of someone being turned away if our total occupancy is met, and we regret that possibility.

Please continue to pray for those who are suffering in this present crisis, and for your parish as we prepare to resume public worship. My prayers are with you all.

Right Onward,


Communion Protocol Video

Christ Church Parish Regathering Guidelines

·  Christ Church Parish will reopen on July 12th with the following schedule:
                                                           -Sunday, 9am: Low Mass
                                                           -Thursday, 10am: Low Mass

·  All services will continue to be streamed to our Facebook page.
·  All State of New Jersey mandates and Diocesan directives will be recognized and followed without exception.
· Hand sanitizing stations will be located at the entrance of the church, at each doorway, and at the Crossing, to be used before receiving the Blessed Sacrament.
· Every other pew will be closed in order to maintain social distancing.
· The Peace may be exchanged in a manner that does not include physical contact, such as with a bow or a wave.
· Although the consecration of the elements (bread and wine) will take place upon the altar, the Blessed Sacrament will be distributed in one kind only. The Body of Christ will be distributed by the Celebrant into open hands at a single standing station at the Crossing. Those who do not wish to receive the Host are encouraged to come forward for a blessing, indicated by arms crossed in front of the chest.
· Ushers will be present at each Mass to guide and assist communicants without physical contact.
· Prayers books will be replaced with printed, all-inclusive bulletins for the service, as well as a digital version which may be viewed on electronic devices such as cell phones and tablets.

Postponed Until Further Notice

· There will be no congregational singing until further notice.
· The nursery room will remain closed until further notice.
· There will be no gatherings for Church School or Adult Education until further notice.

Expectations for Congregants

· Wear face masks:  Until the Governor of New Jersey lifts his directive, those attending public services are required to wear face masks when in the buildings and when gathered on the grounds. A small quantity of masks will be available if you do not have your own mask.
· The Offering Plate:  Congregants are invited to leave their offering in the offering plate located by the Crossing while processing forward to receive the Sacrament. No passing of the plate will occur. Please consider utilizing online giving at www.ccbtown.org/donate.
· Use hand sanitizer:  Please use the hand sanitizer at the entrance of the church, before receiving the Sacrament, and as you pass through the halls of the Parish House.
· Follow usher directions for Holy Communion:  Congregants will be invited to receive the Sacrament of the Altar one pew at a time. When departing the station, please walk around the outside of the pews, around the back, and up the center aisle back to your pew.
· Complete Contact Tracing Card:  As we are required by the Diocese to maintain a list of attendees in the event that we must participate in contact tracing through the NJ Department of Health, you are requested to complete the Contact Tracing Card each time you attend worship. The cards will be located in your pew and may be placed in the offering plate on your way to receive the Sacrament.
· Maintain social distancing after service:  At this time, communicants are encouraged to Go in peace to love and serve the Lord at the end of the Mass. In the interest of practicing social distancing, the Celebrant cannot safely greet congregants at the door.
· Continued Prayer:  As always, keep each other in prayer, along with all those who have suffered in this present crisis.