130 Prince Street, Bordentown, NJ 08505

Office: (609) 298-2348  office@ccbtown.com

Pastoral Emergencies: (732) 859-5823

August 21, 8:45am: HomeFront Meal Prep
September 10: The Blessing of the Firetrucks
September 11, 12pm: 9/11 Memorial Service (Point Breeze)
September 15, 8pm: Football w. Fr. Matt (HOB)
September 18, 8:45am; HomeFront Meal Prep
September 18, 9am: Confirmation Meeting
October 16, 8:45am: HomeFront Meal Prep
October 23, 9am: Adult Ed: How to Fit God into Your Life (or why that's the wrong question)
October 28, 7pm: Hymn Sing
October 30, 9am: Adult Ed: Angels, Demons, and Their Role in Our Lives
November 6, 9am: Adult Ed: What Happened? The Bridge Between the OT and John the Baptist
November 13, 9am: How to Distinguish and Overcome Sin

November 15, 5pm: Fill Fr. Matt's Truck (OTP)
November 20, 8:45am: HomeFront Meal Prep
December 11, 10am: Bishop's Visitation
December 18, 8:45am: HomeFront Meal Prep

Upcoming Events