The worship of the Episcopal Church is diverse and varied; although one who is accustomed to the Book of Common Prayer will be comfortably able to follow along at almost any Episcopal parish, the same comfort may not be found with the rituals peculiar to each parish. 

Christ Church is traditional in ritual and rite.  We use what is called Rite I in the Book of Common Prayer 1979, which employs more formal language and has not tampered with the Faith in the ways other rites have done.  In addition to the Prayer Book rite, we at times use the American Missal 1940 and the Anglican Service Book, which allows for the fullness of the Faith to be communicated at Mass.  Christ Church uses the Hymnal 1940 and the Coverdale translation of the Psalms for similar reasons.

Despite or perhaps because of our traditional approach to the Mass and other worship services, Christ Church has a reputation as an open and welcoming place, a place which anyone can call home.  Ministry is found in the many ways the people of Christ Church reach out to the community, the interior life of the Church, and in the personal relationships formed and kept strong at the parish. 

When you visit Christ Church, feel free to speak to the ushers in greeting or with questions, as they will be happy to receive both.  On the table just to the inside of the Nave, you will find a Visitors and Newcomers sheet with information on the Sacraments, worship customs, and practical needs like the location of bathrooms and the such.  If you are unfamiliar with our liturgical customs, a good approach is to stand when everyone stands, kneel when everyone kneels, and sit when everyone sits.  No one is worried if you do not know the correct times to genuflect or sign yourself with the cross; everyone here learns more about the Faith and the worship of the Church at their own pace and hopefully with joy.  Worship is and should be fun, a delight to the senses, and perhaps at times somewhat strange.  Such are the wonders of the Lord, and such should be the worship of the Church.

Please say hello to Fr. Matt on your way to coffee hour or out into the world, where we hope you will spread your saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.